Medical-grade disinfection is not just for healthcare and food processing facilities anymore...

Although manual cleaning/sanitizing is a necessary step in fighting the spread of germs, it only reduces a fraction of your facility's bio-burden. We are inundated with daily news of "new outbreaks" and "pandemics" in our communities. Increased infection-control expectations and accountability are being placed upon businesses by clients and legislatures as a result of growing public concern.

The number of community based infections (CBIs) is rapidly approaching the level of healthcare acquired infections (HAIs). Increasing inter-continental travel, driven by our rapidly expanding global economy, has added new complexities in the development of effective vaccines and antibiotics to combat new viral strains, bacterial spores, mycobacteria and fungi.

Bio-X Services, Inc. is a mobile infection control company dedicated to providing proactive and routine disinfection protocols against the spread of disease-causing pathogens for a variety of public and private facilities. We will only use the most effective (99.9999% EPA certified kill-rate or "6-kill"), environmentally friendly (by-products are water and oxygen), healthcare-grade, broad-spectrum disinfection systems available. Bio-X Services, Inc. is fully insured, fully bonded and employs only system-certified technicians.

Please contact us for a free quote on a disinfection protocol designed around your facility requirements.

Infection Control Specialists
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Primary markets serviced:

  • Childcare and Early Education Centers
  • Resort Communities & Vacation Rentals
  • Athletic and Fitness Facilities
  • Medical and Dental Offices
  • Schools and Universities
  • Commercial Office Buildings